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Other knowledge

Dry eye syndrome

In normal cases, we blink frequency is on average 20 times per minute, staring at the flickering screen, significantly reduced the frequency of blinking, only 4-5 beats per minute, which led to cornea, conjunctiva and exposed to air for a long time, cannot get blink tears when moist, but also affect the function of the tear film, make eyes feel dry. In addition, because computer screens are made up of small phosphor dots, eyes must continually adjust the focus, to ensure clear, too long a time, eye muscle is too tired. Computer screen of electromagnetic waves, and UV, and radiation, and glare of color and infrared, also will stimulate eyes, it strongly of flashing, will makes eyes retinal of photographic material depending on purple quality consumption too much, to caused eyes dry, and fatigue, and heavy shadow, and vision fuzzy, serious which will led to corneal, and conjunctival epithelial cell have corner of, lacrimal gland of secretion cell also occurred lesions, eyes drying fear light, and can’t open your eyes.

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  1. Sandy Suray says

    Clicked on the link to get a $3.00 coupon and the newsletter. It took me to a prescription plan for NOT Refresh PM ! Have had to use this product everynight for three years now. Having trouble getting it in the stores.

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