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Vivarin has been recognized by the FDA as a safe and effective way to help keep you mentally alert and focused. It’s just like having coffee or soda.

Prices for 60 capsules of Vayarin 167mg is from $50.00–$58.00.

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Other knowledge

Central stimulant Notes

Central stimulant effects site selectivity is relative, as the dose increases, excited not only enhanced the role, and on the central role will also be expanded. When the poisoning, these drugs can lead to central nervous system excitement of broad and strong, convulsing. Severe convulsions due to energy depletion and transferred to the curb, at this point, can no longer be used Central stimulants to combat, or death due to Central inhibition of excessive. When a specific application, we must strictly grasp the doses and indications, and to incorporate measures such as infusion, oxygen. On the peripheral respiratory depression caused by paralysis of respiratory muscles, Central stimulants are not valid. Reduced respiratory function of circulatory causes, Central stimulants can increase the brain cells of oxygen, to be used with caution.

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