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There are two coupons for Januvia in 2022:
Coupon Value and Save: Free 30-day trial supply of JANUVIA and pay as little as $5 per prescription

How Does It Work:

Manufacturer Printable Diabetes Coupon. Print it online to get this voucher for 1 free 30-day trial supply of JANUVIA.

Limit 1 voucher per patient for the duration of the program. Free trial offer is valid only for up to 30 tablets of JANUVIA. No purchase is necessary. Refills are not required.

Print the Multi-Use Savings Coupon online,Eligible patients may pay as little as $5 out of pocket on each of up to 12 qualifying prescriptions for JANUMET XR, JANUMET, or JANUVIA. Maximum savings is $100 per prescription.

Coupon is valid for use up to a total of 12 times only. Patient must have a copayment or make full cash payment for the prescription.

Patient is responsible for the first $5 of their copay or out-of-pocket cost.

Prices for 30 tablets of Januvia 100mg is from $304.00–$317.00.

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Where To Get This Offer?

Follow this Januvia Manufacturer coupon link to get this offer:
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Print Reusable Discount Card (NOT manufacturer Coupon)

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Other knowledge
Reviews For Januvia

Lowered My A1C Level
I have been diabetic for almost 20 years. Over the years, my blood sugar levels have become increasingly difficult to control. I follow a diabetic diet and do light exercise every day, but my blood glucose levels were sporadically too high. I have been on Metformin and my doctor added Januvia. Ever since I started taking Januvia, my blood sugar levels have been close to normal. My A1C has dropped a full 2 points. I have not had any noticeable side effects from this medication. I would recommend it to anyone who needs more help managing their blood sugar levels.
—-Gaye Glenda

Works Very Well for Diabetes
I recently started taking Januvia for type 2 diabetes. I take this along with Glipizide and Metformin. The only side effect that I’ve had is some constipation and hard stools. Though this is an uncomfortable side effect, this medication has helped my blood sugar levels more than any other medication that I have tried. It made a difference almost immediately. I hope it helps improve my A1C level. Considering how much better my blood glucose levels have been, I think it must have a good impact on my A1C level at the next check.
—-Seymour Zachariah

Important Notice: These drugs reviews maybe helpful, but can not substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care.

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  1. Charlotte Roseman says

    I have been taking Januvia for12 months. I have been paying $5 per rX. My co pay on my last prescription was $72. When I questioned my Pharmacy, I was told that I was only entitled to that price for 12 months in my lifetime. Will be seeing my physician in early March and will request a different medication. I refuse to pay that price for a diabetes medication. Januvia did a good job but is cost prohibitive for a senior citizen on a fixed income. I have excellent insurance and never have to pay exorbitant co-pays.

    • Clay Patton says

      I have been taking Januvia for just under a year, cost was a $35.00 copay. Now since the ACA took affect I now have to pay retail for this at $298.00 a month. Call Dr to go back on Glucaphage and Glucatrol much cheaper. So much for Affordable Care, my insurance went up to $745.00 a month and copay went up to $10,000.00 sure hope I don’t get sick this year.

          • Wilma Southward says

            Isn’t that the truth!!!!! Them plus Obama!!!!! I think they are all reaping what we have to pay including the politicians since they voted themselves not t have to go with the AFC act!!!! What does that tel you!!!!

        • Marc Duval says

          You are absolutely correct about OBAMACARE. Don’t forget you can keep your own doctors! Also the cost of your insurance will go down! The only thing it did was reallocate money to pay for people who had no insurance or they are illegal aliens. Those of us whom work our tails off now pay for those who don’t. And I don’t mean those who legitimately deserve it.
          Imagine the President of the US lying bold faced to the American people!!!

        • Mary says

          Uh….No, he helped those who couldn’t get any insurance due to pre existing conditions. He tried to help those who were lower and middle income. Look to your higher Repubs who make it bad for you and then you want to blame the wrong person.

    • Judy says

      both my husband and I are on 4 prescriptions that cost us $30.00 dollars a month and with this now back to that price and our other scripts that is over $300. a month when we pay our bills that leaves us with $300 for food and gas and Dr billsor any thing else that comes up

    • Ladee says

      I have that exact same problem for my husband, but every year I find a new coupon online and it cover 12 more month.

  2. Beth Hyatt says

    My husband has been taking Januvia and I used a coupon for some time. Due to the new insurance prices he went on medicare. Now no coupons are accepted.Why???

  3. rebecca dunn says

    my father doesn’t have a printer and he needs help with Januvia pricing
    jack mashburn
    5084 circle drive
    conover, Nc 28613

  4. enam chowdhury says


    I have tried several times but don’t qualify. I don’t have insurance and cant afford these ridiculous janumet 50-1000 prices.
    who are these drugs for, certainly the average American cant afford it. The pharmaceutical companies are raping Americans. They should be ashamed and I am sure will pay for it upon their demise.

  5. Santos M. Encarnacion says

    I have been using januvia for 3 years,is a great product and works good.I covered my 2.900.00 the top of medicare.Now I have to pay 160.00 deductible for 30 pills,something that i can not afford.What can i do to get some free coupon or pay at least 5 or 10 per cent on 30 pills.I navigate in internet every day looking for a coupon ,results are negative. Please help me on this.

  6. sandy says

    I think THis and EVERY prescription is over priced ,,guess they need to screw all us Americans in order to support all these immigrants coming in our Country which GET EVERYTHING free from the get go.

    • Angelo M Lastrina says

      To bring a drug like Januvia, legal fees to comply with FDA, EPA, and other obscure federal regulations drug companies allocate $1 billion. This amount does not include research to get to phase I.- III. This is why the mid-size companies or licence to the big 3. While it nice to think a company should give away their product, it’s not going to happen. Price may suck but name another country that introduces new drugs. European, Canadian, and South American socialist societies discourages free markets and therefor innovation, discoveries, or research.

      • poodle mom says

        Funny on many medications I have filled here in the USA if I go to Canada or Mexico it is the same medications, same packaging and I can get almost 8 months worth of Rx there than in the US…something is wrong with our system…screw the public who need the Rx..

  7. Donnie JOnes says

    have been using the $5.00 coupon. when it is over will not be able to pay the amount of co pay is there another coupon like this one and can we use it

  8. Sandy says

    Us too, this med is terrible, there has to be something else out there to take the place of it, we are at $160 for this with aarpmedicare, besides other meds it is too costly. Debating on stop taking it!!

  9. Lindsey says

    As a pharmacy tech I will tell you what I know medication coupons can not be used by anyone on state or federally funded insurance meaning Medicare/Medicaid , Tricare, ect some can’t be used by federal employees who receive insurance through there employer cause they are wrongly considered federally funded. Obamacare allowed this to take effect as well as large deductibles for part D before your insurance kicks in. Some medications if you have a great doctor will write for full tablet dosing then you only take half Januvia isn’t one of those medications. Drug companies spend millions to billions designing a drug that may take 20 years to clear the FDA process they are regularly sued in class actions suits that cost them millions. Our litigation happy culture drives the prices of medications they build 100 million class action settlements into there drug cost is it right no but what choice do they really have. My advise is get to know your pharmacist they can give you great advise into alternative medications and discount cards ect

  10. Mary says

    Hello all,
    For those who have medical health benefits through employer and taking Junuvia and were using the 12 month coupon. The manufacturer only authorizes 12 months of claims – so you can only use the coupon 12 months. There is a coupon out there for 2016 for 30 day trial (I read the information, and it doesn’t say that you can’t use it if you already exhausted the 12 month at $5 coupon). So you can try and use it.
    RxBIB: 610524 RxPCN:1016 RxGRP:40027160 Issuer: (80840) ID: 220883484 Exp: 12/31/2016

    After this, no more discounts. If you continue the medication, you pay the RX brand cost.

  11. Kate says

    Hmm, would switching pharmacies allow me to use a new 12 month coupon? Because I’ve used the coupon for over 2 years now (getting a new one when the old one expired) for Janumet XR. Tonight when I went to the pharmacy they said it was only good for 12 months per LIFETIME. But if I switch my prescription to a new pharmacy do you think it would start over? I can’t pay $150 a month.

    • admin says

      Patient must have private insurance. Not valid for uninsured patients or patients covered under Medicaid, Medicare, a Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan

  12. Deborah Dhesi says

    I was told by CVS in Chesterfield, Va this drug is 500.00 for a 30 day supply. With my insurance it dropped to 200.00 but this is not right. I can not afford to pay this much a month. You are killing hard working Americans.

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