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Other knowledge

Relieve nasal congestion

Often mild nasal congestion treatment at home can be improved. But chronic or serious, stuffy nose it is a specialized medical attention. Otherwise, because chronically stuffy nose, mouth breathing instead, often leading to throat inflammation and other symptoms.

Minor at home to therapeutic improvement must be given serious medical attention. Stuffy nose is a nose thing impeding respiration, air flow caused by difficulties. Cause there are many kinds, like runny nose or sneezing, cold of acute rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, etc. If there is pus-like nose, you might be empyema.

In addition with separated nasal deviation of nasal septum, turbinate hypertrophy and hypertrophic rhinitis, sinuses pyonephrosis sinusitis can also cause nasal congestion. Stuffy nose made a long-term, chronic symptoms and treatment more difficult, since nasal congestion, breathing port instead, easily lead to laryngitis.

Stuffy nose also makes distracted, causing barriers to work. So the most important is to improve the physical fitness makes him difficult to catch a cold or rhinitis. Weekend eats foods causing allergic foods and avoid excessive diuresis.

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  1. jack ostrander says

    what use are coupons if afrin presently cannot be opened without cutting off the top? i resent having to do this and will find another product.

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