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Save $2 off on any bottle of Sarna.

Stiefel has been a pioneering force in skin health, persistently exploring new ways to advance the science of skin care. Stiefels unique combination of expertise, enthusiasm and imagination has lead to the creation of the highest quality, most-effective skin care products available.

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Other knowledge

The cause of skin pruritus

Nervous: excessive tension, excitement, depression, fatigue, anxiety, impatience, and changes in the living environment, are likely neurodermatitis incentives.

Skin temperature: skin temperature or secretion of the sebaceous glands to reduce, as well as changes in the intracellular components may cause skin itching.
Itchy skin disease: can be divided into the limitations and systemic limitations common to the vulva, itching of the skin of the perianal area, scalp itching. Can be divided into systemic senile, seasonal, such as winter, winter itch is more common.

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