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Saving $1.00 on Goody’s products including Goodys Back & Body Pain, Goody’s Cool Orange, Goody’s Extra Strength Headache Powder and Goodys PM for pain with sleeplessness.

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Other knowledge

How to reduce the side effects of pain?

(1) timely preparation, charge enough to follow the doctor’s medicine
Because of the persistent pain can make the pain reduced, increasing the difficulty of pain, also increases the likelihood of drug side effects, so in home care must be based on the order correct type of drug, dose, route and dosing time.
Actual observation has proved reasonable dose, accurate delivery time, eliminates 80%~90% the patient’s pain.
(2) after the administration of observation on the effect and effective time
Medication should be small dose gradually increased to reduce adverse reactions, after the pain-relief, dose can be gradually reduced.
(3) oral analgesics do not drink Alcohol can increase the toxicity of pain medication.
Even regular doses can also cause liver and kidney damage.
(4) bedtime medication should be increased appropriately , Before going to bed at night can increase drug dose 50%~100% in order to guarantee pain-free sleep.

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