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Other knowledge

Diarrhea diet

Adults with mild diarrhea, diet, fasting more than milk, fat or residue of food, semi-liquid light, easily digestible food. Mild diarrhea in children, infants to continue breastfeeding. If artificial feeding, in less than 6 months of age, soup with an equal amount of water or diluted milk or other dairy feeding for 2 days, then return to your normal diet.

Children over 6 months of age, already accustomed to everyday diet, selection of congee, noodles or rice with black, add some more vegetables, fish or minced meat. In addition, the diarrhea caused by irritable bowel syndrome, diet should be taken to avoid sensitive foods such as to a particular food intolerant, eating fish or fruit diarrhea and gas-producing foods, such as dairy products, cabbage, legumes, carbonated beverages and flour products, onions, raisins, etc.

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