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Save $2.00 on any Colace Capsules or Peri-Colace Tablets Products.

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Colace Capsules Soften the stool for more comfortable bowel movements.

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Other knowledge

Constipation conditioning

Increase fiber intake is actually very easy to do, eat more whole grains, fruits and fresh vegetables. High cellulose content of foods including wheat bran, rough grains, cooked beans, in Lee, figs, grapes, popcorn, Western pears, stone fruits, these foods are rich in fiber and trace elements, but the heat is very low. Constipation needs a good conditioning. Bad living habits, inadequate sleep, sustained high levels of stress, and so lead to constipation.

Principles of good bowel habit constipation: daily timer go to the toilet, you can develop a stable biological clock and helps accumulate harden; if it is to work out, the most important of course is to drink plenty of water, because the water on the body’s role was great! but people tend not to care if the water is clean, which is always overlooked factor.

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