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Manufacturer Printable Vitamins and Supplements Coupon. Need to sign up online firsty.on the Manufacturer website left hand and Click the fourth button “offers” to get this coupon.

Six Centrum Coupon(Special Offers)available online.

Save $2 off any Centrum Specialist.
Save $2 off any Centrum Under 50 product (including Adult, Mens, Womens).
Save $2 off any Centrum Silver 50+ product (Including Adult, Mens, Womens).
Save $1 off any Centrum Kids.
Save $5 off any 2 Men’s or Women’s Product (includes Under 50 and Silver 50+).
Save $7 off any ProNutrients Product when you buy any Centrum Multivitamin Product.

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Other knowledge

vitamin C

Modern ultimately, vitamin C is quite fragile vitamins, water, heat, light, oxygen, smoke will be destroyed. Heat cooking process, placed in OTC sun Naoteru, flooding will let the vegetables vitamin C significantly reduce. Will consume the body of 25 mg of vitamin C each smoked a cigarette. Smoke 20 a day, will consume 1-2.5 grams of vitamin C at the same time also reduce the concentration of vitamin C in the blood, and vitamin C will not be able to fully play its role.

Regardless of the vitamin C present in the in vitro or in vivo, it is easy to be destroyed, but even large intake harmless, but not all of a sudden intake of too much, not necessarily because of the large number of intake will all be absorbed, the final result or be excreted . The best approach is to time interval apart, segmented use, so as to enhance the in vivo absorption rate of the vitamin C.

Smoking meal after meal need to take health food supplements of vitamin C, the vitamin C content of vegetables or fruit season, do not forget to ingest.

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