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Manufacturer Printable Skin Care Coupon. Save $1.50 on all Carmex Skin Care products,4 ounce size or larger.

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Prices for 1 bottle (120ml) of 0.01% Capex shampoo is from $370.00–$390.00.

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Other knowledge

Clean the skin

The first step is to keep your skin clean skin. Clean the skin can promote skin metabolism, increase the absorption capacity of the skin, can prevent skin diseases, slow down the aging of the skin and prevent wrinkles. Use cleanser in the autumn and winter, when the neutral skin morning and night, dry skin with normal skin, not too frequent, oily skin three times a day is appropriate. In short, for the purpose of keeping the skin clean. Wash water temperature maintained at about 36 degrees, dry skin can be a little lower, about 34 degrees; oily skin can choose a little higher, around 38 degrees. The correct wash with warm water and wash away grease and cleanser final and then the flow of cold water wash skin, shrink pores, firm skin. But not suitable for sensitive skin and dry skin simply wash your face with cold water. Autumn and winter seasons, bath need not be too frequent, wash once or twice a week is best to wash too frequently would undermine the protection of the skin's sebum film. The bath water temperature should not be too high, do not use too much fresh scrub skin in the bath, so as not to rub the skin around the injury.

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