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  1. Patricia Ratliff says

    Please email a Stavzor discount coupon. I had the coupon which expired this summer and I’m down to my last six pills (only 3 days). I take two a day. Please email to the address above. I have insurance but it still cost me $100 without the coupon.

    • jeanne blackwell says

      I need coupon for 30 day free trial for cymbalta. I get on website but it wants to do an add on, I was advised not to do this. This coupon is for 2014. I guess I’ll have to try another drug

  2. Barb Radde says

    No coupons, sites supplied did not link to a coupon, and the phone number supplied does not even connect “Message 600 APF Reserved” is the only response from the number supplied. I think I’m better off without the drops!

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