Comfortis Coupon

There are two coupons for Comfortis in 2023:
Coupon Value and Save: Rebate $25 when you purchase supply (12-doses) of Comfortis

How Does It Work:

Manufacturer Printable Comfortis Flea Pills Coupon. 8-10 weeks for check delivery.

Receive $25 Rebate when you purchase a year’s supply (12-doses) of Comfortis (spinosad) from your veterinarian.
receive $10 Rebate with the purchase of a 6 month (6-dose) supply.

How To Get this Rebate:

1. Fill out the form inline.
2. Click “Create rebate form” to create a PDF rebate form
3. Print the document and mail it along with your original veterinary hospital invoice and package stamp found on the top of the Comfortis

Mail to:
Elanco Rebate Offer
PO Box 29310
Shawnee Mission, KS 66201

Note: Original invoice with purchase price and package stamp(s) must be included.

Prices for 1 package (6 chewable tablets) of Comfortis 1620mg is from $90.00–$105.00.

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Where To Get This Offer?

Follow this Comfortis Manufacturer coupon link to get this offer:
Get Coupon!

Above link is Manufacturer Coupon.

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Print Reusable Discount Card (NOT manufacturer Coupon)

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Other knowledge
Reviews for Comfortis

The only treatment that kept the fleas off of my dog!
I was horrified to see a lot of fleas on my dog’s back. I first tried a couple of products from the store and they did not keep the fleas from biting him. I felt terrible for my poor dog so I went to a pet supply store and bought a flea dip product they assured me would work and it didn’t. The veterinarian told me that Comfortis might work and so far it has been a miracle product! I’m glad to see my dog happy and healthy again.

Comfortis is a long-term treatment so be prepared to administer it frequently. At first I mistakenly gave it to my dog when he had not eaten yet and he threw up and wasted the medicine. Always make sure your pet eats while taking the medicine. I found that it was best to mix it with water and then hide it in canned dog food. My dog had no problems taking it that way. You should also get your home treated as well to get rid of possible flea eggs or larvae. The best flea treatment product I have used!
—-Sylvia M

Important Notice: These drugs reviews maybe helpful, but can not substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care.

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  1. Tracy says

    I clicked on the link above and it simply takes me to the Comfortis homepage and I can’t seem to find the coupon from there.

    • diane helman says

      My veterinarian suggested starting me dog on Comfortis for his arthritis. She gave me a rebate coupon to use. There is a promo code on it but I am unable to find where to apply it. Should I simply send a copy of my invoice and the coupon to your company to redeem the rebate?
      Thank you,
      Diane Helman

      • diane helman says

        I just sent you an email about how to redeem the rebate for Comfortis. I realized as soon as I sent the message that your product is for flea control and the other medication I got for arthritis, does not have a rebate coupon. Sorry about the confusion.
        Thank you,
        Diane Helman

  2. Karen Davidson says

    The printed information I received from my vet indicates that I will receive a $25 rebate on a 12-month supply…..the information above indicates a $20 rebate…why am I not getting $25?
    I see no place to print the rebate form. This site is not very clear. Shall I return the 12-month supply I just bought?
    Please advise.
    Karen Davidson

  3. Fran Bremigen says

    I have tried for days to access the website for the rebate form for Comfortis with no luck. I get the message “not available”. I purchased a year’s supply from my vet and want to get my $25.00 rebate.

  4. Frances Elliott says

    I need a coupon for Comfortis please, I have a years supply and would appreciate the mail-in rebate. We are very pleased with the product.

  5. Jodee Kleb says

    I sent my rebate in June 17, 2013. I Have not received my rebate yet. Please advise when this will be coming. This happened last year and I never did get a rebate. Is this a scam???

  6. Jodee Kleb says

    I would like to thank Mary from Elanco Rebate for responding so quickly to my post yesterday. She was able to advise the date the rebate will be mailed and handled everything to my satisfaction.




  8. says

    I have tried and tried to get the Rebate Offer printed and it want print. I need my refund so I can get more when the time comes to get more.

    I done this before and never got my rebate. I sent in the receipt and the coupon but didn’t never get my rebate. This isn’t right. When you buy the product you should get what you are suppose to get. The other time I was suppose to get $25.00 rebate. This time it is $10.00. I used the Trifexis the last time. This time I bought the Comfortis.

    Just send me what I am due to get please.

    Hazel Smith
    609 Stoney Point Road
    Kings Mountain, NC 28086

  9. says

    this is bull shit it won’t let me pull up the forum why can’t I just mail the receit that’s what I intend to do if you don’t send the rebate I will never use your product again

  10. Jerry Lipps says

    Need a rebate form keep filling out form on line but won’t open or download,please e-mail me a form please asap

  11. Max Waggoner says

    Where is the 2014 rebate form? I have tried the links with no luck, PLEASE e-mail me a form asap for Comfortis for dogs.

  12. Jeannete Joseph says

    I need the discount form to send to manifactor to get discount from you direct . My mail order pharmacy does not tkat coupons is this avaiable?

  13. Margee Fulton says

    I purchased this product May 1. Your rebate at this website says it has to be purchased in 2013. What gives? The veterinariangave me a current rebate form. Whay all of the “jumping through hoops”? This gives the product a very bad name.
    No the link doesn’t work fine–it is for 2013.

  14. Vicky R-C says

    When I try to get a rebate form, my computer tells me that “This Connection is Untrusted”. Since comments on this site indicate that this is a common problem, I am assuming that you will email me two coupons since I have ordered a six month supply for my large pug and year’s supply for my smaller pugs. Please respond promptly, ~V.R.-C.

  15. Phil Simpson says

    FRAUD REBATE OFFER(S) I have sent in the rebate forms twice and EACH TIME I followed the “rules” exactly and was informed that I had either NOT sent in the ORIGINAL receipt (I DID and copied the whole transaction the 2nd time and still got the same reply. Naturally I could not do it again as the original receipt was sent both times. I hate SCAMS with such rules that cannot be proved. It is not worth the effort to try to get a rebate from this company. It is not the money but the aggravation of putting in all the effort for naught! Bahh, I will start using other products when the latest one is gone.

  16. Phil Simpson says

    See above : moderation ? Not fair to tell it like it is? bet there are hundreds of such rejections for the same reasons. If it was easy or real, there would not be so many comments.

  17. Shawn Daniel says

    Cannot locate the form to fill out! Very aggravating! Please e-mail me a form asap. Thank you

  18. Linda Cormack says

    rec’d special offer in mail for Comfortis rebate—“save $35 on one yr supply OR save $15 on 6 mo supply of Comfortis.. Gives inst to visit, use special offer code LOYALOYSR5. Can’t find this site and other rebate for Comfortis is only “$25 for one yr supply or $10 for 6 month supply”. Rebate form I found for Comfortis does not recognize special code on card I rec’d from Elanco. Please advise on how to proceed.

  19. Karen Campbell says

    Could not go to website because my computer wouldn’t let me because “unsafe”. Got a number and called. Was told would mail rebate form. one month later haven’t received form. Could you please e-mail me a rebate form?

  20. Phil S says

    I received a Comfortis rebate for $15 for a 6 month supply or $35 for a year’s supply, but can’t find the corresponding form to apply for the rebate.

  21. Peggy says

    I have a coupon from ELANCO for a $15.00 rebate if I purchase a 6 month supply of comfortis and $35.00 with a 12 month purchase….I cannot pull anything up so I can put in the SPECIAL OFFER CODE. Please send me an email and explain what I’m doing wrong. Thank you, Peggy

  22. cynthia says

    There is no where to get this from, i can see this is not just a a one time peroblem. Can they mail the forms out???

  23. Sylvia says

    Received and rebate offer for $35.00 off a years supple. Can’t find, let alone print,
    Please send one to my e-mail. Thank you.

  24. Donna M says

    I purchased a years supply of Comfortis and am having the same problem that everyone else is having. I am not able to download the rebate form. I don’t understand how you can ignore all of these requests for help. You know that the links do not work, why not fix them. You have the email addresses of everyone who is requesting the forms, why not send them out? Do you have a customer service department. I will call the 800 number on the back of notice that my vet gave me, 800-983-9993.

  25. Donna M says

    I called the number that was on the rebate notice from the Vet and they immediately offered to mail me a paper rebate form. The woman on the phone was very pleasant and accomodating. I suggest anyone needing a rebate form call 1-800-983-9993.

  26. jim walker says

    I have this coupon with special offer code LOYAL24G8Z and just purchased a years supply FROM MY VET of SPINOSAD and tried to get on line for the form to use and keep getting notes that wont let me in. I have the $35 rebete card Elanco and need the rebate form. Your site is not very user friendly.
    jim Walker

    please send by email the proper application for rebate.

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