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Save $1 on any Chloraseptic product.

Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges provide fast, effective relief for your sore throat and mouth pain. Chloraseptic also goes beyond sore throat relief with lozenges that cool nasal passages, target cough and have a soothing liquid center. And, Chloraseptic? offers a diabetic-friendly, sugar free solution.

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Other knowledge

Sore throat prevention

Maintain the right temperature and humidity of the indoor air fresh, effective measures for the prevention and treatment of chronic pharyngitis. Indoor air is dry and too cold, the overheating too wet can affect the pharyngeal mucosa defense function, resulting in dysfunction, pharyngeal paresthesia, long time, made with chronic pharyngitis lesions. Mouthwash in the morning, after meals and before going to bed, brush your teeth, you can keep your mouth clean. Meanwhile, the prevention and treatment of the nose and mouth disease, eliminating the inflammatory lesions can not be ignored, the prevention and treatment of pharyngitis.

Diet to restore light digestible diet is appropriate, and then assisted some refreshing Quhuo, tender and juicy food intake. Such as oranges, oranges, pineapple, sugar cane, olive, pear, apple, or more to drink plenty of water and soft drinks, but drinks can not be too strong. Not eat tobacco, wine, ginger, pepper, mustard, garlic and all the spicy thing.

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