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Other knowledge

Backache Daily Family Therapy

1. Keeping good living habits, waist and legs to prevent cold, prevent overwork.
2. Standing or sitting position to the right, the spine is not straight, will cause the disc discontinuity is caused by disc herniation insidious roots. Straighten the chest, waist straight. Same posture should not be maintained for too long.
3. Legs bent over not too much when doing the exercises, but may not achieve the intended purpose, can also cause disc herniation.
4. Do not bend when lifting heavy loads, you should squat to get heavy loads, then slowly stand up, do not bend as possible.
5. A balanced diet, protein and vitamin content should be high, fat, cholesterol should be low to prevent obesity, control smoking and wine.
6. Take note of the work and rest, correct posture, not for sitting long, intense warm up before physical activity.
7. Bed rest, use hard bed, maintaining physiological curvature of the spine.
8. Refuge from the cold to keep warm.
9. Lumbar disc herniation is locomotor system diseases, the precautionary principle requires to reduce movement and relaxation.
10. Usually should strengthen back muscle exercise , to strengthen the lumbar spine.

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