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There are two coupons for Denavir in 2023:
Coupon Value and Save: pay no more than $15

How Does It Work:

Manufacturer Printable Coupon,Eligible patients pay no more than $15.

It is easy to redeem your coupon:

1 Print your coupon download from the Manufacturer website. Bring your prescription for Denavir (penciclovir cream, 1%).
2 Give the signed prescription and this coupon to the pharmacist.
3 Get a discount of up to $45 on your out-of-pocket cost instantly.

You are responsible for the initial $15 out-of-pocket expense on each prescripton. If your out-of-pocket cost exceeds $15, present this coupon to the pharmacist for an instant rebate of up to a maximum of $45 for each Denavir prescription. If your total out-of-pocket cost exceeds $60 for any single Denavir prescription, you will be responsible for the additional balance. Not valid with any other offer. Subject to eligibility restrictions and limitations.

This offer is not valid for prescriptions reimbursed in whole or part by Medicaid, Medicare, or any other federal or state program (including any prescription drug assistance programs). This offer is not valid in Massachusetts except for cash-paying patients, or where otherwise prohibited by law.

If you do not have a signed prescription for Denavir from your doctor or dentist, your coupon will not be valid.

Denavir (penciclovir cream, 1%) can help you take control. Because Denavir is a cream, you apply it directly to your cold sore.

Youre not alone.20%-40% of Americans suffer from recurrent cold sores.68% of Americans have been exposed to the virus that causes cold sores.

A variety of things can cause the herpes virus to become active and trigger a cold sore. Some key triggers include:

Emotional stress
Feeling tired or run-down
Exposure to sun or ultraviolet light
Sickness, such as cold or fu
Mouth injuries and dental work
Hormonal changes, such as menstruation and pregnancy

Prices for 1 tube (5g) of 1% Denavir cream is from $340.00–$540.00.

Where To Get This Offer?

Follow this Denavir Manufacturer coupon link to get this offer:
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Above link is Manufacturer Coupon.

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Other knowledge

Lip Herpes

Lip herpes is a viral skin disease, is caused due to herpes simplex virus infections, better on lips, words, often consists of cold, fever, fatigue, lack of sleep, mood, depression, stress, tension and anxiety, among other factors, caused decline in immunity, the herpes virus lurking in the body multiply, leading to incidence of mouth foaming.

Start burning, then cluster blister, erosion, crusted, the course of about a week or so, may recur. Incidence of cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus. It usually occurs in fevers, infections, colds, or Sun and wind, life stress, menstrual periods, or when when the immune system is suppressed. The disease is highly contagious. The incubation period is about 3-10 days, after appearance of cold sores may last three weeks long. If you have allergic tendencies, most likely your immune system weak, it may also be prone to cold sores.

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  1. Sus says

    I have had this cold sore for about a month. Upon going to my physician he prescribed this cream for it, I used it the first day 5 times and seen such a big difference, I think it good. I was a bit STICKER SHOCKED BY THE PRICE, my goodness, no wonder healthcare & insurances are upset. The price is a little step. At first I thought their must be tiny gold nuggets in it upon seeing the price.

  2. Vivian Breedlove says

    Is there a current coupon for Denavir? Even with my insurance it is over $100. I cannot afford this price. Please give us a coupon. Thank you!!

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