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Daily Oral Care in 3 Steps

Brush Your Teeth,Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or electric toothbrush and CloSYS toothpaste, and brush for two minutes, focusing your brushing on the teeth and gum line.

Clean Around Your Teeth,Use floss and an oral irrigator to remove plaque from areas that your toothbrush can’t reach, and use CloSYS oral rinse after flossing or directly in your oral irrigator with a 10:1 solution of water, and rinse to help fight bacteria growth.

Clean Your Toothbrush,Soak your toothbrush in CloSYS oral rinse for approximately 1 minute once a week to sanitize it and kill the bacteria that can grow on a wet toothbrush.

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Other knowledge

Oral Care

First brush your teeth every day. The best time to brush your teeth within half an hour after eating. If possible, try to brush your teeth immediately after meals. In this way, not only can make a fresh breath, and can also prevent food debris from the tooth surface bacteria provide nutrition. Each brushing time in 2 minutes, up and down brushing protect the gums caused by a lot of people with strong cross-brush method will root Ministry excessive wear and stimulate the gums shrink back. Should pay particular attention to the position of the lower front teeth medial and posterior teeth brushing, to avoid the formation of tartar. With fresh water several times after brushing rinse the brush and bristles on the water drying, and inverted save.

After brushing with flossing and tongue brush. Of food debris between the teeth by brushing difficult to remove, will lead to the accumulation of harmful substances in the teeth deep and corruption. The tone generation this relationship is obvious. Therefore, brushing and flossing teeth can be thoroughly cleaned. Pay special attention to tongue health. The tongue can not be over-scrub often hard scraping tongue, will damage the lingual papillae and stimulate the taste buds, causing numbness of the tongue back, taste loss, loss of appetite. To use a special tongue brush to clean the tongue. Ordinary toothbrush will Tongue damage.

Regular oral examination and teeth cleaning. The oral doctors recommend every six months or a year to clean teeth once. And a comprehensive oral examination. This oral problems can be nipped in the bud, both simple and effective, and would not spend a lot.

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