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There are two coupons for Belviq in 2024:
Coupon Value and Save: 15 days free-trial offer and save up to $75 Belviq Discount Card

How Does It Work:

Manufacturer Printable Belviq Coupon, Register online to get this Belviq Trial voucher and Saving Card.

BELVIQ free trial voucher
1 BELVIQ free trial voucher redemption per person,
No purchase or co-pay required.
Please note: This 15 days free-trial offer for BELVIQ have ended.

Belviq Savings Card

you pay an initial co-pay of $50,get up to $75 off every prescription of BELVIQ.
This Savings card Valid for commercially insured or cash-paying patients.

Good toward the purchase of BELVIQ prescriptions for up to 12 uses.

To use the BELVIQ Savings Card, the patient will require a valid prescription for BELVIQ.

RxBIN: 610524 RxPCN:
RxGRP: 50776561
ISSUER: (80840)

Prices for 60 tablets of Belviq 10mg at Walmart is about $215.71.

Both Belviq and qsymia are FDA approved to treat some overweight or obese adults.
you may be also interested the qsymia coupon in our database.

Where To Get This Offer?

Follow this Belviq Manufacturer Coupon link to get this offer:
Get Coupon!

Above link is Manufacturer Coupon.

Belviq Reusable Discount Card: Save up to 75% off retail price on your prescription medication!

Ideal for people with no prescription coverage,or drug is not covered by insurance, Everyone can qualify.
Acceptable at over 63,000 pharmacies including all major chains (Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Publix, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, etc.), price may little vary. Belviq price look up, Check Belviq discount price with card.

Print Reusable Discount Card (NOT manufacturer Coupon)

If no printer, only write down your ID, PCN, GROUP, and BIN and take to pharmacist for the same savings.
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Other knowledge

Belviq reviews

I am an overweight person, sometimes very embarrassing. After I consulted with my doctor, the doctor gave me Belviq 10mg, 2 times a day, after 3 months, lost 55 lbs , the doctor was very surprised, My insurance coverd some cost of Belviq , together with the Belviq Savings Card, I can afford it. I’m prepared to lose another 20lbs, which will be able to reach my target weight. Thanks Belviq.

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  1. Karol says

    I have an RX for Belviq but haven’t filled it yet. I’ve been trying for 24 hours to get a voucher coupon. I have tried on 3 different computers, multiple times, with no results. I get completely through the steps, create a password, enter the security letters/numbers on the screen, and it continually processes. Please help! Thank you!

    • admin says

      I have tried again, there is no problem to print the savings card.
      Please note: Your password must be at least 8 characters long, contain no spaces, and contain only letters and numbers.
      I think the main problem is your password too short. Card have sent E-mail to you.

    • Dawn says

      I have the rebate card however it really does not help much. This is still out of my price range. (260.00 per month after the rebate)

  2. michelle king says

    I have filled out everything for my voucher, it said will send an email shortly that was three days ago no email and can not view the discount card. even tried using my work email. keeps saying I already received the voucher. But never received an email. Tried to call the number on the web page. can not speak to a real person. need to speak with somebody to see what is wrong.

    • admin says

      The card can printed online, no need to wait for the mail. Please try it again, if you still can not print this card. Please check your mail, I have sent the Belviq savings card to you by E-mail. you’d better change another E-mail to register then print it again.

          • JoAnn Bogwu says

            I already have a 15 day free trial voucher but cannot seem to activate it and it does not expire until next year. I see you say the free trial has ended. Now do you mean that the 15 day trial coupons will not be given out anymore or that the 15 day trial voucher program itself has been discontinued? Does that also mean that any vouchers not activated before the 15 day free trial ended are unusable even though they are not expired? When did the free trial end?

    • admin says

      15 days FREE Belviq Trial Coupon still available.
      Limited to 1 free voucher redemption per person for BELVIQ. Not valid for refills.
      Belviq Free Activate Voucher, No purchase or co-pay required.

      • Karen says

        I got the “savings” card printed but cannot seem to find the 15 day free trial to print it. My doctor wants me to try it before filling the prescription.

  3. Shannon says

    I have previously requested a Belviq saving voucher with a free trial. I never used the free trial OR the discount card. I recently received a prescription from my doctor and am now willing to fill the medication. Problem is, I no longer have the card or the voucher for the free trial period. I tried to create another account (using different emails) and I am being told I already have a card/voucher. What can I do if I no longer have that original card or voucher? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  4. says

    I have an RX for Belviq but haven’t filled it yet. I’ve been trying for 24 hours to get a voucher coupon. I have tried on different computers, multiple times, with no results. I get completely through the steps, create a password, enter the security letters/numbers on the screen, and it continually processes. Please help! I even tried the phone system, but that was for after you have a number to use for a discount. I have not gotten any email verification and I have tried on 4-15, and today 4-18. I was under the impression the coupon was printable but is it sent in the mail? Thank you!

    • admin says

      I have tried again, there is no problem. printed the card sucess.
      Please note: your password can not too simple. Please make it more complicated

  5. Betty Snyder says

    I have a prescription.. went through all the steps on line .it tells me to look in spam on email…because I already registered…. no email ..and I had never registered before…

  6. Debbie says

    I have sign up to try it I have not receive nothing it has been a week how can I get my 15 days free card so I can stat on it

  7. Shylae says

    Seems as though I’m having the same issues as the others. I was successful in printed the savings card, but there is not any indication that its for the 2 week trial for the medication as well. Please provide info for that trial only. Again the savings card is no the issue, printed fine. Also, I have not received anything in my email inbox or junk/spam folder.

  8. Lenny Cohen says

    i have been tying to get confirmation to activate my 15 day trial how do i do it i have card and prescription from dr

  9. Sue says

    Is this coupon for Belviq valid if I am on Medicaid? Belvique would not give me the savings card because of Medicaid. Is this different? Thank you!

  10. Kim says

    My doctor gave me a coupon for a free 15 day trial. The coupon is expired and WalMart will not accept it, I’ve tried the number on the trial card but it is automated and I am running in circles when calling it. How can I get the free 15 day trial without jumping through hoops ?

  11. Zenia Guerrero says

    I have been trying for 2 days to get the voucher for the 15 day free trial and have not received any email – I tried several different accounts that I have with no luck. My physician gave me the savings card and I though that if I registered it, it would also cover the free trial but when I went to fill the Rx I was told that it was only for the 30 day refills. How can I get this voucher? My Rx is waiting for me!

  12. Patty mclean says

    I’ve been trying to print the 15 day free trial and all that keeps printing is the discount card are you not still offering it? I have the prescription from my dr and he told me to get the coupon 1st.

  13. brenda melendez says

    i cannot get my card,i registered and made a password and nothing happens after that.i have tried several times and no card to print? thanks

    • admin says

      I have tried again, there is no problem to print the card.
      1. Please try chrome browser.
      2. you password must at least 8 character.
      3. Are your prescriptions paid for in part or full under any state or federal healthcare programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or TRICARE? you need to select No

  14. Pam Harrison says

    I can’t get a card it keeps saying sent email but never does..the one or did send and I try activate card it says you already have card activated but it doesn’t

  15. phyllis troyer says

    I have a card but when I go back to activate it, I am told already activated and was sent to my email and to check the spam folder.
    I never got the “activated” card.
    My ID is 1126260423 grp 50777365. So what is the problem getting activated or is it already done? Can I use this card?

  16. Kim Noack says

    I tried Belviq a few years ago. I am trying to get a new card as the site does keeps giving me an error message. I called and went through the prompts 3 different times and tried 3 different e mails. No success. I am not going to pay $300 for the script, so am seeking to get the one on the site. Any assistance please.

  17. Karen Golub says

    Received my new savings card via email. Card ID is 50777365; Group ID 118771088 (this group ID is not taking). Tried to activate at then called the number provided, gave all the required info and again ‘no success’. I have been taking Belviq very successfully since 1/1/16. PLEASE what do I do now?!

  18. christopher tomaino says

    I too have tried 4 times today ion my phone and this laptop and have a processing icon that goes on forever with a msg stating something went wrong. still no email or card. what to do? why are there so many issues?

  19. Kim says

    How do you get a free 15-Day trial of Belviq? I have signed up for the savings card but cannot find where to print the 15-Day trial coupon. When I click on the link above, it takes me to the Belviq website and that is where I was able to sign up for the savings card but there was no information regarding a 15-Day trial.

    Please help!

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