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There are two coupons for Chantix in 2024:
Coupon Value and Save: Save up to $75 Chantix Coupon

How Does It Work:

Manufacturer printable Chantix Coupon.

If you Can’t Afford Chantix, with this Chantix Patient Assistance Program, you can Save up to $75 off your Chantix prescription, Click The manufacturer website to Download this coupon as PDF format, Then Print this Coupon Page and bring it to your Pharmacist

If your out-of-pocket costs are $115 or less, you only pay up to $40.
If your out-of-pocket costs are more than $115, you save $75 off your costs.
Offer can be used up to 3 times.
Estimated average co-pay savings is $58 per patient per year.

This Free Chantix Coupon will be accepted only at participating pharmacies.
This chantix starter kit coupon is not health insurance.
Estimated average co-pay savings is $75 per patient.
Call 1-888-CHANTIX For other question.

Speak with your doctor about quitting. If your doctor prescribes CHANTIX (varenicline), bring this coupon to your pharmacist along with your prescription. You could be eligible to receive up to $30 off.

BIN: 610020.
Group: 99990826

For help processing, please call 1-877-832-9754.

Prices for 56 tablets of Chantix 1mg is from $223.00–$259.00.

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Where To Get This Offer?

Follow this Chantix Manufacturer coupon link to get this offer:
Get Coupon!

Above link is Manufacturer Coupon.

Chantix Reusable Discount Card: Save up to 75% off retail price on your prescription medication!

Ideal for people with no prescription coverage,or drug is not covered by insurance, Everyone can qualify.
Acceptable at over 63,000 pharmacies including all major chains (Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Publix, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, etc.), price may little vary. Chantix price look up, Check Chantix discount price with card.

Print Reusable Discount Card (NOT manufacturer Coupon)

If no printer, only write down your ID, PCN, GROUP, and BIN and take to pharmacist for the same savings.
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Other knowledge

How much Chantix Cost at Walmart without insurance?
The Chantix cost walmart is very expensive. Walmart is the cheapest I found and each of the two prescriptions was in the neighborhood of $ 120.00 and don’t expect any help from your insurance company. They have been know to pay 100% but don’t count on it.

Quit smoking tips
After quitting one of the main tasks is tempted to find a non-smoking alternatives: do some skill games, two hands are not idle and do not want to smoke produce a taste in the mouth by brushing, or by letting excited conversation to divert attention. If you like to smoke a cigarette after drinking coffee every morning, you drink coffee every morning becomes tea.

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  1. anderson says

    I just finished my 3rd prescription of Chantix, guess it takes some people longer than others and requested a refill from my pharmacy. The pharmacy called me back and advised this refill will cost $226.94 compared to what I was paying with coupon ($127.00) pretty close to $100.00 more but said I could wait till January to refill and would go back to the reasonable amount. January is 17 days away and by then I’ll be a full blown smoker again is my thoughts so I just paid $226.94 to the pharmacy. This dollar amount with coupon is a good savings however only good for 3 times a year but the amount without a coupon is twice the cost of my smoking habit per month. The mfg needs to continue the coupon to last for at least 6 months this way it would become a noticeable savings and confirm my bragging rights.

  2. connie romine says

    I got a card for $40 or under from my doctor. I have medicare and military tricare. By the time i got to checkout it cost me $141. that is almost a months worth of smokes for me. Besides the over paying I have to do without groceries til the end of the month. Thanks doc for such a good discount.

  3. anna says

    I live in Puerto Rico and the cost of chantix is over $300.00 is there any way I can get in less expensive?

  4. Dee says

    Even with insurance and the donut hole chantix is over 125.00. I’m on a very very very limited income and bring home a hundred more a year to qualify for extra assistance. Anyone who really wants to try and quit smoking and needs the help of chantix aught to be able to get it for free.

  5. Sherry Lucarelli says

    Shame on you Chantix!!!! Got a starter script today & it will be the last one. Coupon, right. A whopping $8.00 of my cost still $388.44. What a rip. This comes out of my pocket not covered by insurance. I give it a month and not another refill.

  6. Helen says

    Trice & medicare will NOT pay for Chantix to prevent cancer, but they WILL PAY FOR VIAGRA FOR OLD MEN UNABLE TO GET IT UP!!! NICE CHOICE!!!!

  7. Brian Goldsmith says

    I can’t believe that all smoking aids are so expensive. The deal president Clinton made should have made tobacco companies pay for aids to quit smoking. The government collects taxes on these items yet they won’t spend a dime to help people quit. THEY REALLY DON’T WANT YOU TO QUIT. Go figure

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