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  1. Beth Smith says

    I was not able to access to get coupon per the instructions on the website:

    Follow this Migranal Manufacturer coupon link to get this offer:
    Get Coupon!

  2. Hardeep says

    I am looking for Coupon for Veramyst you had it but that is expired effective Dec 12.

    can you post the new coupon on your site…


  3. Jill says

    Does Lamictal XR coupon cover Lamictal ODT? I can only find a coupon that covers “Lamictal or Lamictal XR”. The site even says its for ODT but when you click on the coupon it takes you to a Lamictal XR coupon.
    Please help, I need the coupon asap.
    Thank You

  4. Patricia Ratliff says

    Please email a Stavzor discount coupon. I had the coupon which expired this summer and I’m down to my last six pills (only 3 days). I take two a day. Please email to the address above. I have insurance but it still cost me $100 without the coupon.

  5. Kimberly Wake says

    I can’t print a coupon for the lamictal xr.. When I try to go to the website and print, it just brings up the information documents for the medication. I can’t go to the homepage or anything. I can’t get past the medication info documents…HELP!!!!!! need my seizure meds!!!


    I work for Dr. Lise Lambert and she would like to know who our
    marketing rep is and if Humira Pen is offered as a sample.
    Thank you for your immediate attention
    Sandy Preston

  7. Judy Anne Monroe says

    I sent in for the reward on ACTIVYL, (6 pack) on May 6, 2014, and have heard nothing about my reward, as of today, August 10, 2014. Rewards Code: 2 LPHSFM,
    conf. # 2LPHSFM282 Please advise, and thank you, Judy Anne Monroe

  8. ellen otoole says

    Frontline plus. I bought 6 doses get 2 free coupon 14FLWEB6.
    Sent copy of receipt and form on buying 6 doses get 2 free or Buy 3 doses get 1 free. I have not received the 2 free doses yet. Please let me know as soon as you can.

  9. Ann Volk says

    I went online to get a free trial of invest for my son while I wait on his medicaid. I gave the pharmacist the info that is on your site which states the bin#, pcn, group#, and id#. However when they input it into their system it won’t work! I desperately need a free trial ASAP please help me get the correct info.

  10. says

    Checking on a Rebate offer from Asthetique Clinique in Santa Rosa, FL, submitted on 9/20/14.
    Photo copy of forms filled out are available. Please advise. It was with Restylane/Medicis.

  11. Gary Foss says

    Cannot get the 2015 $25.00 coupon for Avodart. The get coupon link brings me to HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION. Thank You

  12. mary phillips says

    Why can’t people on Medicare that pay for extra insurance oh hospital and drug can’t get a coupon for a discount on the diet capsule QSYMIA I have worked all my life. Now I can’t even pay for med’s I need because I am old and pay close to 4 hundred dollars a month, just for insurances to get me by. And your company say’s we don’t pay enough to get a discount. My DR wrote me a script for these to help me. But I don’t have enough money to buy them. Why are you mean to old people that have worked hard all there lives and can barley get by. And don’t deserve a discount.

  13. Dorothy says

    I have followed directions as listed and downloaded “from Doc to PDF’. However, am unable to access form to file online. Always rolls to statement the Security is not valid. Please advise how to access and start online filing for “Trifexis” rebate. Thank you.


    I have printed off several coupons for BELVIQ. They save about $15.00
    My Sam’s Club card beat those coupons by a couple of dollars. I tried again to get your
    second coupon for the up to $75 dollars off. The insurance questions kicks me out. I have
    Medicare and United Healthcare. Both insurance companies refused to pay on the Belviq.
    So, i am paying for the Belviq myself from Walmart at $106.00 for 2 weeks. Why can’t I get
    better and higher discount card? I need help to keep buying Belviq! Please respond quickly!
    I am suppose to pick up 60 tablets of Belviq tomorrow……..that will cost me $211.00. i feel like
    others are getting Belviq at a cheaper price than I am!

  15. Julie says

    Trying to find coupons for brand name Lipofen 150 mg that can be used in conjuction with insurance. I saw that you had option #1 on your site which would apply, but it comes up with the error HTTP 404 file not found when I click on the link to print the coupon. Copay after insurance is $45 for 30 pills. Trying to get it down to $25/month. Thanks.

  16. Elaine says

    HELP! insurance does not cover oxtellar and even with a co pay assist card my portion is $1350.00 minimum for my daughters dose. Changing medications is not easy as she has been on 10 different medications already. I cannot afford this. Please tell me if other assistance exist . We will be running out of medication in a few days.

  17. Ann says

    The link (and phyone voice message) for the $4 co-pay card for Diovan says the expiration date is 12/31/2016, but when I look at the card before I print it, the date on the card is 12/31/2015.
    I am already using a card with that date. Will there be a 2016 card available, or is the posted version a misprint?

  18. Leigh says

    The site says there is a 2016 coupon for Toviaz. I printed the information and my pharmacist ran it. It said it was invalid. When I called the 877 number on the coupon, the recording said the offer has expired. The coupon says it didn’t even start until 2016. Can you help me?

  19. norene says

    my son is 17 gonna be 18 in april the doctor prescribed this medicine for him and it wont let me use the discount card please help as he needs his meds

  20. Virginia Pavlovsky says

    How long does it take for the Vaniqa rebate form to arrive in my email. It’s been several hours and still no email.

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