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  1. Owen Wadleigh says

    There are no coupons for pain control. I realize that there is a huge problem regarding pain meds but those who really need it have to pay huge amounts just to make the pain livable. If I didn’t have my pain meds to help with my pain from a bad accident that has left me unable to work. My disability claim to be on social security disability is in process but I was told the first attempt always gets denied and then the appeal to the denial will get approved, but the time between appealing and finally getting approved is more than a year. So for a year at least I have to pay full costs which is over $500 a month for each medication. I can’t afford this, but I can’t afford not too either. So I have mortgaged my home, and cashed in my retirement account just to stay alive until I get approved for SSD coverage.

  2. Chris says

    Need coupon for over the counter oxytrol patch. They are tooooo expensive without . Please
    send me one quickly… thanks

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