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Manufacturer Printable Uricalm Coupon For urinary discomforts relief . Need to fill out the form online and Request a coupon by mail.

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Price for Uricalm Max Strength Urinary Pain Relief, 24 tabs 199 mg(Pack of 2) at Amazon is about $6.79.

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Reviews For Uricalm

Great UTI pain reliever
Ive been getting UTI infections constantly since about 18 an they can be so painful. The burning and pressure feeling in my bladder made it hard for me to go to work on interact with my family. After taking one pill with a glass of water, I felt the pain go away dramatically. It made my urine a redish orange color, but that was about it. That was funny at the most. I do recommend taking it with food though so you dont get nausea. It does not cure the infection, but I highly recommend it for helping me feel better while I cured it with other medication.
–Jennifer Dalton

Excellent pain relief from bladder surgery
I recently had bladder surgery and still feel a lot of pain from it. I still have pain urinating and it makes doing day-to-day things very uncomfortable. I also have the urge to urinate a lot which means Im constantly having to stop and go to the bathroom wherever I go. After taking the first dose with some food and a glass of water, I felt a dramatic difference in my pain level. Urinating didnt hurt nearly as much and I also didnt have to stop and go as much. I highly recommend taking Uricalm along with a UTI antibiotic.
–Ruby A

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