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Coupon Value and Save: Save up to $10 on Tamiflu

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Manufacturer Printable Cold and Flu Coupon. Oseltamivir Coupon

Save up to $10 with the Tamiflu Coupon; limit 1 coupon per prescription; limit 2 coupons per patient.

Thi coupon is part of the Tamiflu Coupon Program.

Binumber: 600471
GrupID: X6182
RxPCN: 7777

Prices for 1 dose pack (10 capsules) of Tamiflu 75mg is from $120.00–$129.00.

Where To Get This Offer?

Follow this Tamiflu Manufacturer coupon link to get this offer:
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Other knowledge

Easier flu virus in winter

People are more susceptible to influenza virus infection in winter, because cold weather in the winter, strong winds, humans easy to chill to make their resistance weakened, virus is sectarian, attack the respiratory system. In addition, the flu virus can be spread through the air. In winter, the people most of the time in indoor activities and cold often closes the window, causing air flow, virus infections more easily.

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  1. Joshua Crecelius says

    Once you get to this site, there’s a link “follow this Tamiflu manufacturer coupon link to get this offer” GET COUPON.
    Click on it and it says it’s not available. Is there a coupon or not? If so, please help.

  2. Gladys Williams says

    On this website it says to click on GET COUPON to get the $10 coupon, but when I click on it
    it says the page is unavailable. I would like to get two coupons. One for me and one for my
    son-in-law. I just made two purchase and the price with insurance is very, very high. The
    coupons would help.

  3. Anthony Asencio says

    My husband already picked up prescription and paid full price 134.00 and now I see this coupon, is there any way I could mail in for my rebate?

    Kathy Asencio

  4. donna rosen says

    I ve downloaded the coupon and it wont print. my fever is 102.4 and i cant get the coupon since i dont have insurance

  5. Monica Anderson says

    I really need Tamiflu for my entire family. I need to purchase 6 prescriptions. Please send me 6 coupons.

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