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Hair growth cycle

1) hair in a slow speed of about 1 cm per month to grow out. Each hair growth for 2-6 years and then need to enter the telogen phase, and finally fall off. Off site, generally within three months a new hair can grow from the same hair follicle. In the same period, about 10% of hair is in the telogen, while the remaining 90% of hair is in the active growth period. But the hair growth rate gradually slowed down as the aging of the human.
2) When the hair follicles continue to shrink, the hair will gradually shorter thinner and cause hair loss final form not beget the tiny hair follicles of the hair.

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  1. Lynette Sandgren says

    I used Rogain when it was liquid only and had to stop due to the it was running all over my head. I have been using the foam and it has made a difference with new hair. My husband saw it in the drug store and bought it. My hair is still thin and the roots are white and small. I use Rogain foam everyday along with an IGROW helmet every other day. My doctor wrote me a script for a pill I take everyday. I was told I had MS 12 years ago and was treated with solumedrol by I-V and glycerin. I have diabetes 2 and a thyroid problem. When that happened,they changed it to saltwater. So I found out last year that I don’t have MS but I do have a disease with no name or cure. It mimics all the symptoms. I was taking 300 pills a week but now I only take 130 a week. Thank you for making the foam it has helped me so much. Sorry this is so long and probably more than you needed to know.

  2. Lynette Sandgren says

    My daughter is a hair stylist and saw my hair 2 years ago when hair wasn’t there. She came at Christmas and said “Mom,you have twice the hair since I last saw you!”.

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