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There are two coupons for Intuniv in 2024:
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Patient Pays First $15,Save up to $115 per prescription for 12 months with Co-pay Savings Coupon or starter kit.

INTUNIV is a nonstimulant prescription medicine used to treat ADHD in kids ages 6 to 17.

Prices for 30 tablets of Intuniv 2mg is from $270.00–$290.00.

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Other knowledge

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

For ADHD attention disorder one of the most important manifestations. Distracted, distracted in class, and vulnerability to environmental interference and distractions. Frequently changing note object. Cannot be absorbed when doing homework, parents described as doing the playing, carelessness; the absent parent directive, may wish to listen to. Having a beginning but no end of doing things, often falls by the wayside or anticlimactic. Homework drag, continue to drink water, eat, urinate and other reasons to interrupt, do your homework time lengthens significantly. Some children to gaze at, pay attention, and in a daze, looking teacher, but the brain does not know what to think.

Teacher questions often do not know the content of questions. Emotional instability, irritable impulsive, headstrong, poor self-control. Vulnerability to external stimulation and euphoria, and vulnerable to setbacks. Childish, do not consider the consequences of conduct, prone to dangerous or disruptive behavior, not mistakes.

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  1. Deena says

    I am adult who has been prescribed Intuniv the coupon offer is for 6-17 year old. Is there a coupon I can use to fill my Intuniv prescription?

  2. Geralynn Marchesi says

    I am Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner . I have an adult started on Intuniv the only thing that has worked but she cannot afford it . I need to know if there is a patient assistance program or is there a sales rep I can be put in touch with?

    Geralynn Marchesi MS, PMHNPP, BC

    • moonbeba says

      Sadly adults have the hardest time. Our insurance is battling us to pay for the med due to age and its also the only thing that works for my husband. It’s like nobody believes adults can have ADHD! This is very upseting! ShireCares has a long application that you and your doctor can fill out to get up to a free 3 month supply if you meet income requirements but it takes a long time to complete the process and wait for the pills in the mail so you either have to go without meds while that is being done or find a way to pay the very high costs. Note, now there is a generic which is about $45 less a month but when the cost is over $300, your still left with a hefty amount to pay.

  3. Gigi says

    The 12 month trial was great! Intuniv worked wonders for my child. Now what??? We simply can’t afford to continue it without some sort of discount. Any advice?

  4. Laura says

    When I follow the link for the 2015 coupon for Intuniv, it gives me a coupon that expires on 12/31/2014. Where can I get the updated one?

  5. Bonnie says

    Looking for the new 2015 coupon, so my son can continue using this medication. He’s only used this for under a year, we need to get a new coupon please.

  6. Shelly S. says

    I contact Shire for a 2015 coupon. I was told Shire is no longer marketing Intuniv effective 12/31/2014. If you have an old card/savings coupon with the BIN# and information, you may use that until May 31st 2015.
    The number I called to Shire customer service- 1-800-828-2088 option 7. Also if the pharmacy has any questions about this extended offer, the pharmacy line is 1-800-422-5604 (pharmacy calls only.)

    Hope this helps. This is all I could find.

    • Kjersten O says

      Is there a way to get the coupon now? I threw mine away when I realized it was expired and hope shire would post a new one.

    • moonbeba says

      Thank you so much for this information Shelly. I still have the old coupon and I am taking it to the pharmacy so hopefully my husband can get the discount on his meds.

  7. Bonnie says

    Thank you Shelly, I checked by calling their customer service and received the same info you have mentioned. They allow an extension until May 31st of 2015 for the last coupon that expired Dec 31st 2014. The lady I spoke with mentioned Shire will no longer promote this medication and that’s why they will no longer be able to offer the coupon for this drug. I will have to ask my doctor about other options after this date, or find out about another coupon offer for use beyond May 2015.

  8. Michele says

    I found Intuniv is now available in generic form as of 12/2014. Shire cannot promote the drug and will not be offering any patient assistance or coupons. Actavis is the company which has the generic form. Thankfully, the medication will now be cheaper and will be covered by insurance!
    I hope this helps!

  9. Jennifer says

    We tried the generic form of Intuniv because of high price and no coupon. After two weeks on the generic, we are switching back to name brand. Our 11 year old son became argumentative, uncooperative, and his leg would shake non-stop. His prescribing doctor said we were her sixth client with the same issues. After two years of successful ADHD treatment on Intuniv, we are looking for a cost effective alternative and the generic form is not an option for us.

    • Aj says

      My son also tried the generic and noted himself that it didn’t work the same as the brand name. Also looking to find a way to afford it. I wonder if we can try to get a 90 day supply and pay for 60 through insurance. My son is 17, will be 18 in October. Hoping the price doesn’t jump just because he is a year older!

  10. Christy says

    OMG Jennifer! We are having the SAME problems here with the generic version. This is horrible! I’ve let our physician know and we’re going back to the brand. I’m going to hate the copy after May, but my son was doing very well on the brand and is now having extreme difficulties at school and is argumentative here about EVERYTHING. He was exhausting before, but now it’s downright intolerable. Shame on the new manufacturer for making a far inferior product – and shame on the FDA for letting them.

  11. Christy says

    Please report any issues that you are having with the generic version of Intuniv to the manufacturer and the FDA. They need to know that the product – which it may reach a “therapeutic” level, is far below the standard of being effective – and is actually causing problems for children.

    Actavis Products in the U.S.
    To report adverse events and product complaints for Actavis manufactured U.S. products, call +1-800-432-8534

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

  12. Mary says

    We just tried intuniv for two weeks and found that it worked great for my son. (He also takes vyvanse). Now I need to find a coupon so that we can afford this medication. I was able to locate one coupon that doesn’t work with my insurance. This helps to get the price down a bit. Does anyone have a suggestion for a family just starting with this drug? How does anyone afford this?!

    • Christy says

      Hi Mary,
      We will be using the coupon from the Intuniv website until they no longer accept it (May 31, 2015). After that we will be getting a 90 day supply through our insurance drug program and will only have to pay a 2 month co-pay on it instead of 3. You may want to check with your insurance and see if this is an option. It certainly is not going to be cheap for us ($160 for 90 day supply) but we will just have to make adjustments here in order to keep him functioning at a stable level. Good luck!

  13. Carmen Serrano says

    My son has been on the generic form of intuniv which did not have the same effect as the name brand; when his pediatrician changed his prescription back to the name brand, my co-pay was still $101 for a 30 day supply. Even with insurance this price is outrageous

  14. Kristina Z says

    I’m so glad I looked up discounts. Although I didn’t get any financial relief there’s relief in knowing that I’m not alone! My 10 yr old son was on the brand intuitiv for a year of which we had a discount card. After it expired we were forced to try the generic. My son experienced the same symptoms you described below. He became ornery, short tempered and argumentative. It was awful. Needless to say we are back on the brand. Our copay last year was $30 for the brand. This year it’s $50 per month and he takes two more meds in addition to this one! I honestly don’t know how I’m going to manage this. If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!!!

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