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Fiberchoice products Including FiberChoice plus Antioxidants,FiberChoice plus Calcium,FiberChoice Weight Management,FiberChoice Chewable Tablets.

FiberChoice helps your healthy habits by giving you an easy way to get the fiber you need C and more.

Each serving of FiberChoice is packed with inulin, the same healthy fiber found naturally in many fruits and vegetables.

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Other knowledge

Dietary fiber

Affecting the large intestine function of dietary fiber include: reduced stool through time, increases the amount of feces and defecation frequency, dilution and is normally present in the large intestine large intestine contents provide fermentable substrates of flora. Water-soluble dietary fibers in the colon is like water in a sponge, you can increase the water content of the stool to make it a little soft, and dietary fibre also promotes intestinal peristalsis, thus accelerating the bowel, have a natural laxative effect.

Defecation time shortening in favour of reducing the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut, and avoiding large bile acids into carcinogens. Dietary fiber, particularly soluble fiber, can slow the speed of food from the stomach to the intestine and has a water absorption, water volume increases, so as to generate a sense of satiety and reduce energy intake, to weight control and weight loss,There are another Weigth loss coupon.

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