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EVEKEO is a type of ADHD medicine called a stimulant.

Prices for 60 tablets of Evekeo 10mg is from $355.52-$435.34.

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Reviews For Evekeo

I have bipolar I disorder with psychotic and depressive features and a diagnosis of ADHD. I take meds for all three conditions. I take Vyvanse 50mg in the morning. When that wares off, I take Evekeo 10 mg twice every 4-5 hours in the night. I also take my stimulants with Ativan as I also have anxiety too. Evekeo is perfect for me. It doesn’t make me feel hyper nor does it give me that high feeling. It normalizes me and I can actually be driven and calm at the same time. All I can say is that Vyvanse doesn’t last all day long for me, so I supplement with Evekeo. I take Evekeo once Vyvanse wares out. I’m happy with Evekeo!
—-Shanon Melissa

The only ADHD medication I have taken that doesn’t have awful side effects. It makes you more alert and productive without the headaches and andhungover feeling that I get with adderall and focalin. I don’t think it affects everyone the same but it has been a real lifesaver for me. I enjoyed Evekeo. It was great when it came to improving focus. I also have shift work disorder so for me stimulants are great as they help me overcome the hump I hit every morning when I just want to go to bed and sleep all day.
—-Ira Tanner

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