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Other knowledge

Calcium foods

Food among many sources of calcium, if the right choices from the daily adequate amounts of calcium intake is not a problem.

Milk is the best food calcium. The calcium content is also very rich in soy products. Animal bone soup calcium is also high, add more vinegar in cooking should be, in order to facilitate the dissolution of calcium. So should drink milk every day, coupled with the intake of vegetables, fruits and soy products, have been able to meet human needs, which do not need additional calcium supplement should eat some dairy products, tofu, shrimp, etc., can be from ingest more calcium and nutrition.

Calcium foods mainly include:

1, milk, yogurt, cheese, milk and dairy products.
2, soy milk and other soy products.
3, shrimp, kelp, seaweed, fish, fish bone meal and other aquatic products.

Other foods: egg yolk, pork ribs soup, lotus root starch, roots and tubers of plants, sesame seeds, hawthorn.

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