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Other knowledge

Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

General care and life care is extremely important. Attention to the patient’s diet, nutrition and daily cleaning, to urge the patient’s own restaurant life, encourages patients to participate in appropriate activities, to ease their mental decline. Avoid leave the patient alone engage in potentially dangerous activities.

For bedridden patients to prevent bedsores, infections and fractures. Used to improve cognitive function and the promotion of brain metabolism of drugs: urethane woke up, y brain complex new ribonucleic acid, ammonia acid, Ergot alkali, huperzia alkali oxide and acetylcholine precursors such as dimethyl amino ethanol and calcium ion antagonist: West Billings, and Nimodipine equality can help. Patients do not need to take antipsychotic drugs, if mental excitement or depression, behavioural disorders, difficult Manager, can give a small amount of nerve blocking agents or anti-anxiety or antidepressant drugs, but should pay attention to side effects, when symptoms improve, should be stopped in time.

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  1. Gary Daugherty says

    My wife has mild dementia, I say mild but I’m afraid is more than that. I’ve been looking every where in my area for a doctor that will write a prescription for AXONA. My address is Gary Daugherty, 700 Daugherty Road, Gatesville, Texas 76528. My phone number is (254) 205-0554.

    My wife’s doctor simply refuses to allow us to have a prescription and when I searched the Internet I found others with the same frustration. The main line prescriptions offered (go unnamed) simply do not work, never have and never will, but warn of side effects. But when we want to try a treatment with no serious side effects the answer is a resounding ‘NO’. My wife and I are intelligent enough to stop using something that isn’t working,…we just need a doctor that’s not entangled with Big Pharma. If you know of anyone that prescribes AXONA in our area, then please let me know.

    Thank You
    Gary Daugherty

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